Republican Party Leadership Positions

There is little rest after the November election. Within 30 days of the election, all counties elect the executive committees for their county. Some of those pick party leadership immediately, while others wait for their next meeting.

Livingston County will be electing county leadership this Thursday. We may or may not elect our leadership that night or not. That depends on how many contests there are.

In January, we’ll be voting on delegates to state convention. In February, our district party and our state party leadership will be chosen.

The number one thing for all of us to remember is that every organization and culture of the organization is different. Every “establishment” and “grassroots” culture is different. There is no one side fits all. We are lucky in Livingston County in that regard. Our representatives here do a good job. Our “establishment” (I hate that term) here is traditional conservative. The “establishment” here not out of the mainstream of our society or out of the mainstream of our county. The “tea party” groups here in Livingston County aren’t Todd Courser types either who do nothing but cause an embarrassment. In our county, we have fostered a culture of different wings of our party to work together. That’s not to say that there are not disagreements on some matters, but we are in much better shape than many other counties on that level. Two things that work for us are 1. Secret ballot and 2. Electronic voting. We aren’t out until 12AM at conventions anymore. We also don’t have slates rammed through that cause resentment and problems hurting our party long term.

8th District leadership contests have been relative quiet here. For State Party, there are two good people running in Ronna Romney McDaniel (incumbent State Party Chair) and Scott Hagerstrom (Trump’s Michigan campaign manager). Both have done a good job with wins this past cycle. Hopefully things stay clean in these party races and we’re off to a good start for 2018 and the gubernatorial race.


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