Thoughts on 2016 election and where we go from here.

I’ll admit that I’m surprised to an extent with the result. I’ve posted elsewhere about the path for a Republican to win Michigan and will probably be bringing some of that over to this site. There was a way Donald Trump could have won, and he did two of the three things necessary. (Oakland County was where he bombed). I thought the ground game was what would have done him in.

Trump wasn’t my first choice in the primary, but I did vote for him in the general. I like his VP Mike Pence, and I also like his stance on these trade agreements that have done a lot of harm to Michigan, especially in regards to well paid skilled labor manufacturing. Keep in mind that Reagan put a tariff on motorcycles, saving Harley-Davidson.

I also like that this was a repudiation of the George W Bush years which have damaged my party in a major way. We as Republicans lost a lot of credibility on fiscal matters, especially in regards to the debt in large part to the George W Bush presidency and congress that went a long with it. Obama broke Bush’s records, but Bush allowed it to happen. I also believe our party needs to move to a more realist foreign policy as opposed to a neo-conservative one (or neo liberal Clintonian one).

There’s both opportunity and danger from Trump’s win. The opportunity is due to the major success in working and middle class support to our party for this election. If Trump does a good job for us, we could keep that new support from many independents and even a large number of democrats. Trump was the first Republican Presidential Candidate to win Gogebic, Lake, Bay, and Saginaw Counties in a long time. He also was the first to win Macomb County since 2004, and the first to win Clinton Township since probably 1988.

The danger is also nearby. Oakland County went democrat for the sixth straight presidential election. Novi went democrat for the 2nd time in three elections. Bloomfield Township and Troy also flipped. That’s not a long term recipe for success. That’s a danger sign for Livingston County as well. To the south, Washtenaw County is the most democrat county this election in the state. Dexter Township and Webster Township border Livingston County and went blue.¬† Trump’s way of speaking¬† gained a lot of support, but also alienated many people. Some of those independents can probably be gained back with good work, but could be lost in the future as well if there’s a bad job.

There’s a mandate. The mandate is the same as it is for all elected officials in every election. The mandate is to do a good job. Period. As soon as the people don’t see that happening, the “mandate” ends and people get tossed out of office.


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