Dan Wholihan for Genoa Township Clerk


Proud to be Endorsed by our Livingston County Leaders:

  • Our State Senator Joe Hune – 22nd District
  • Our State Representative Lana Theis – 42nd District
  • State Representative Dr. Hank Vaupel – 47th District
  • Former State Representative Cindy Denby – 47th District
  • Sheriff Bob Bezotte
  • Undersheriff Mike Murphy
  • Right to Life of Michigan PAC
  • Commissioner Steve Williams
  • Commissioner Donald Parker
  • And many others quietly supporting me


As a 26 year resident of Genoa Township over two stints going back to 1979 and a lifelong Livingston County resident, I care very much about my home. I grew up here and learned firsthand that this is a great place to live. Genoa Township and Livingston County in general have the benefits of city conveniences, but the benefit and values of small town living. I could have moved out of state or out of the county after I graduated. I chose to stay in Livingston County, and I chose to go back to Genoa Township.

I want those growing up today in the township to have the same chance I did in the 1980’s to enjoy the rural character in our township.  The rural character of my neighborhood shaped me into who I am. I will protect your neighborhood as I successfully protected my neighborhood in 2013, having an appreciation that comes when it is almost taken away.

The number one job of the clerk’s office is running our elections. Election integrity is one of the most important issues in this country, and that starts with our local clerks. People properly registered to vote should not be taken off the voting rolls. Non citizens should not be able to vote. Proper votes should count. If elected, I will do everything in my power to make sure our election integrity is never compromised.

I have witnessed the positives and negatives of the actions of our township board and how my friends, neighbors, and family have been treated by the current Genoa Township Board over the last few years. While we are a great place to live, we can do even better.

I can bring my business, elections, legal, and treasury background to this position, and help make Genoa Township be the best place to live in this state. As a small businessman, I work for my customers. If elected, I will never forget that my fellow Genoa Township residents are my customers.

Most of the Frequently Asked Questions I have been asked can be found here. I also have more in depth commentary on issues on this page and on the sidebar.

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  • Brighton, MI 48116

Thank you all for your support.

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Thank you.

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Our Township Board works for our residents.