Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How long have you been in political consulting? 
  • A. Close to 20 years
  • Q. Are you a political attorney?
  • A. I am an attorney who has successfully represented clients in political matters.
  • Q. What role have you served on campaigns or campaign related activities?
  • A. Everything. I’ve been a candidate, campaign manager, treasurer, record-keeper, absentee chaser,  worker bee, volunteer, liaison between different campaigns, poll challenger, and a political party chair.
  • Q. What do you do best?
  • A. I got started in campaign finance compliance, first as a volunteer in 2001. It was a trial by fire as it is difficult work with many legal pitfalls and technicalities. After 2005, I decided to turn that into a business that has evolved to include many campaign infrastructure matters.
  • Q. What is the advantage of hiring somebody for campaign finance compliance?
  • A. The most important advantage is time. As a former candidate, I speak from experience by saying that time is as valuable as money. I was my own treasurer in my campaign. One of the weaknesses in my campaign was being in front of a computer doing reports for campaigns during for that 6 day period instead of knocking on doors as candidates should be doing. In my defense, bills needed to be paid.
  • Q. Is there anything you refuse to do? 
  • A. I won’t take on clients where I have major fundamental disagreements, nor clients who would be running against another client.

18 years of experience in this sometimes dirty business known as politics